sea doo

SEA-DOO SPARK : Color Me & Spark Some Fun


The new Spark with its cool design, and modular construction, maintains the trademark Sea Doo silhouette with a touch of futuristic stealth fighter look. Available in five cool colors, the finish is more durable therefore requiring less maintenance. One of the most fuel efficient PWCs on the market, the new Spark is affordable, not to be confused with cheap, as the hull is made of polytec, a rugged rigid lightweight fully recyclable material which should prove to be more durable than traditional fiberglass hulls at a fraction of the price.

The astounding part is the combined weight of 2 Sparks is comparable to the weight of 1 traditional boat making it a breeze to tow with a regular car. The Spark is light, fun, nimble in the water and remarkably stable.

The Spark is powered by the highly reliable fuel injected Rotax 900 Ace engine, an engine originally developed for snowmobiles. Available in two power outputs, it provides more than enough punch to carry 2 adults and meet the needs for recreational pulling.